Cerafusion™ Technology

The Cerafusion™ Technology, a leading edge patented technology is designed to produce massive amounts of ions and controlled levels of ozone. This is achieved when a high voltage is driven through the Cerafusion Ion and Ozone module, a fusion of dielectric material and special metal alloys. The high optimal energy passing through the inner electrode to the outer electrode of the module induces massive ionization and controlled levels of ozonation. This process is further enhanced by state-of-the-art electronics to maintain precise modulation of ionization and ozonation power.

Cerafusion™ Technology is developed as an eco-friendly technological platform to drive air sterilizing and ozone water applications for various industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and food processing.
In the indoor environmental pollution applications - Negative ions and ozone are nature's natural air cleaners. They are highly effective in eliminating AIRBORNE and SURFACE-BOUND pollutants such as dust particles, unpleasant odours, moulds, bacteria, viruses, germs, VOCs and toxic gases, leaving in its place a clean, fresh and healthy environment.

In the industry applications such as food processing and postharvest - Ozone is considered to be the strongest oxidant and disinfectant of choice for many air and water applications. Ozone kills bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and other food pathogens much faster than traditionally used disinfectants, such as chlorine, and is free of chemical residues. It is a great alternative to chlorine or other chemicals that are used to disinfect the water for cleaning the produce. Unlike chemicals which remain after being used in destroying harmful microorganisms, ozone leaves only oxygen as a by-product. Ozone is the most cost-effective disinfectant that is safe, non-toxic and chemical-free and thus a very compelling value proposition to improve food safety complying with stringent international food safety regulations.

The Cerafusion™ Technology has the capability to address wide range of applications and has been tested scientifically for its effectiveness and efficacy.

Air Sterilization: Cleaning More Than Just The Air

Eliminating the source of Pollutants

It's true. The major causes of bad odour and staleness in indoor environment are mould, bacteria and pollutants like cigarette smoke. Indoor furnishings like carpets, curtains and cushions, as well as air conditioners have become fertile breeding grounds for mould and bacteria. This prolific source of pollutants must be eliminated for effective cleaning of the air.

Our state-of-art Cerafusion™ Technology emits a massive, steady stream of negative ions and controlled levels of ozone, scientifically verified to quickly bind and remove airborne and surface-bound bacteria, viruses and harmful particles. Then, MedKlinn's innovative technology extends air cleaning beyond ordinary limits. It destroys both surface-bound and airborne micro-organisms in a continuous, distributed way, giving you the highest air quality imaginable. So clean and so pure - you will wonder why you ever settled for less.

MedKlinn harnesses nature's freshest agents and translates them into cutting-edge technology. It's intuitively simple yet incredibly powerful - generate huge amounts of negative ions and controllable levels of ozone to address the entire spectrum of pollutants, purify the air, plus clean every indoor surface. It's one-stop, end-to-end solution to cleanse any indoor environment - only from MedKlinn.

It's a proven fact. Only MedKlinn takes you beyond the obvious to clean up what all the others miss.

Because only MedKlinn cleans more than just the air.


And that's not all. Our commitment to create healthy environments also mean that every MedKlinn product is designed to be energy-efficient, chemical-free and with minimal maintenance. We believe all these features are why discerning users are able to cut through the clutter of air-cleaning products and pick our solution every time. No doubt, MedKlinn's sleek and elegant looks also make it the ultimate choice.

It's no surprise, then, that MedKlinn has carved out a niche as the specialist leader in indoor air cleaning. And we're sure you'll breathe easier knowing that exceptional air quality can now rest safely within your hands.

Low Operation Cost & Minimal Maintenance

At MedKlinn, our drive is to provide a hassle-free and highly cost effective air cleaning solution for your clean air needs.

Our air cleaning devices are designed for 24 hours operation to clean the air and surfaces continuously with low power consumption. As a result, operation cost is relatively low. In addition, our devices do not use air filters to clean the air and surfaces, and therefore no regular cleaning and changing of filters are required.

We believe that with our highly cost effective air-cleaning solution, it will allow you to get the most out of your investment.

The life-enhancing breath of cleaner and fresher air. That's MedKlinn.

Ozone Water System

Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen, consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3). It is a powerful and effective disinfectant. Ozone actively seeks out and destroys polluting organic molecules of a chemical or biological nature by oxidizing them. Ozone oxidizes the bacteria cell wall and destroys the bacterial cell. This reaction results in cell damage and death of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds.

Ozone readily decomposes into oxygen and leaves no harmful residues, by-products, tastes, or odours. It is FDA approved antimicrobial agent for use in treatment, storage and food processing.

Today, many disinfectants contain toxic components such as chlorine or other biocides that alter the natural taste of fresh foods. These chemicals also leave residues in the food that potentially harm human health with long term consumption. Ozone, on the other hand, provides greater disinfection and decomposes chemicals and pesticides. It is natural and no harmful residues, and can help maintain the fresh taste of food.

MedKlinn has developed the Ozone Water System called O3 Hydro. The system uses an intergrated venturi system with an ozone generator to produce ozone water for a broad range of applications. In an integrated ozone water system, water passes through a venturi system which creates a suction that draws in the ozone gas produced by the ozone generator. The ozone gas vigorously mixes with the water passing through the venturi system to dissolve the ozone in the water.

With the broad applications of ozone, MedKlinn has developed O3 Hydro for specific targetted applications as indicated below:

Ozone Water Applications

1. Central kitchens and kitchens
To treat food contact surface to avoid cross contamination
Improve food handling
Improve food safety
Eliminate or reduce the use of chemical disinfectant e. effectively removes bacteria
    from kitchen equipment, plates and utensils

2. Floors, washrooms, public areas and garbage bins
Washing with ozone water effectively kills bacteria and removes odorous substances
Effective deodorizer
Keeping the place smelling fresh
Reduce the use of chemicals
Environmentally friendly

3. Food processing equipment
Ozone is an effective sanitizer and leaves no residual or harmful chemical by-products.
Ozone does not build up on surfaces the way detergents can if not removed by
    proper rinsing.
50 times more powerful and 3,100 times faster to kill bacteria and other microbes
    compared to chlorine.
Effective method to decontaminate food contact surfaces.
Prevents biofilm build-up that create a persistent source of contamination.
Reduce oil and grease surface area.
Minimize the use of hot water for sanitation.
Reduce the use of chemicals during washing.

4. Ice machine sanitation and Ozonated Ice
Ozone water powerful sanitizing properties ensure the ice machine is always clean
    to produce purified ice.
To ensure a clean supply of ice, ozone is introduced to water for ice making.
   The resulting ice will be free of bacteria and other pathogens.
With the anti-bacterial ice, the ice possesses residual disinfection properties to further
     inhibit microbial growth.
Ozonated ice can keep seafood fresher and longer due to its disinfectant properties.

5. Preserve freshness of meat and seafood
Ozone water powerful sanitizing properties ensure the ice machine is always clean
    to produce purified ice.Ozone water utilizes ozone's powerful oxidation capabilities to
    kill bacteria and prevents these bacteria from contaminating other meat and seafood.
Ozone water is filled with dissolved oxygen therefore making it effective to preserve
    the freshness of meat and seafood.
Ozone increases the shelf life of meat and seafood.

6. Washing fruit and vegetable
Ozone kills viruses and bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Listeria
    much faster than chlorine and other chemical agents.
Ozone is free of chemical residues as it decomposes into oxygen.
Keeps produce fresh and extend shelf life.

Test Reports

Field Tests - Air Sterilizers
Field Tests - Ozone Water

Microbiology Tests

TEST CONDUCTED BY : Associate Professor Sek C. Chow (Dr Med Sc),registed Taxicologist (UK) and Dr Anne Vaughan, Lecturer, School of Science, Monash University, Sunway Campus

Bacteria Type



Test Result

Bacillus species
Causes anthrax, food poisoning

Bacteria 100% killed

Candida albicans
Common yeast that causes skin and systemic infection

Bacteria 100% killed

Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Causes eye, ear and joint infections, hospital-acquired infections and wound infections

Bacteria 99.99% killed

Escherichia coli
Cause food poisoning, urinary infections, meningitis, septicaemia

Bacteria 99.99% killed

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococus aureus
Causes skin infections, pneumonia, food poisoning, septicaemia, hospital-acquired infections.

Bacteria 100% killed

Rhizopus species
Causes allergic reactions

The two pictures demonstrate the difference in amount of mould growth on the two test samples of bread after 10 days of exposure in normal room conditions

Test conducted in normal room conditions shows that mould growth on exposed bread has been greatly inhibited

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